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620 Eighth Avenue, New York

A clear picture of the provider cost and quality

Connect your policies, all in a single place, and get real-time information about your payments

Your entire digital health ecosystem

Find a doctor, send an invoice, speak to a professional, or simply check your coverage on the go

Identify the suitable programs and benefits

We demystify benefits & deliver tailored recommendations at the point of decision making

Protect the people you care about the most

Simplicity & support during the most important and often difficult moments of life

Navigate through healthcare, no matter your health insurance company

Many people don’t know much about health insurance plans or have the right coverage. We intend to change that by sorting the data treasure insurers are sitting on - and putting it to work.

Family health budget on the go
Telehealth 24/7
E-pharmacy & refills
Tailored health & well-being information feed
Digital health cards
In-app claims

Using data for good

The data that give insight into a person’s health, use of health care, and the quality of the health care they receive is scattered across hundreds of systems and inaccessible. Facing the lack of interoperable infrastructure, we created our own, with a high degree of responsibility to ensure information accuracy and representativeness - including privacy and security matters.