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Health insurance is at the center of your health journey

It should be easy to use and created with the sole delight of users in mind

Administrative costs absorb 20-50% of incumbents’ premiums. A quote for coverage is often a multiple-choice hell. The sector comes second to last in an innovation ranking by BCG. No insurer ranks among the world’s top 1,000 public companies by amount invested in research and development.

mySofie helps to respond to a critical need: the need for upgrading insurance as an experience. Our technology speeds payment and enables transparency around how much procedures, and doctors visits cost. Giving policyholders increased control makes them feel understood and cared for. Personalized insights help them to manage their health better and build mutual trust.

Launched in 2018 on the French market, mySofie now counts 5 health insurance companies on board. Co-founded by Aymeric Mehu and Philippe Baranski, we are a fast moving, fast growing company driven to make an impact.