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620 Eighth Avenue, New York

Turning ‘money takers' into ‘health helpers'

mySofie helps insurers move away from being an abstract monolith that people pay money to, to firms that engage in a positive way

Upgrading insurance as an experience

Our technology speeds payment and enables transparency. Giving policyholders increased control makes them feel understood and cared for

Health insurers:

Engage in a positive way

Account aggregation
Empower patients with a clearer understanding of their health and options
Benefits, demystified
Provide clarity of provider cost and quality
Targeted support
Extra attention and seamless guidance to the most suitable programs and benefits
Personalized user experience
Deliver tailored health recommendations - including both programs and content - at just the right time
Partners integration
Connect all your health & wellness services in one place : our open architecture allow integration with any third-party actor


Drive better outcomes

Seamless experience
Drive engagement with a growing ecosystem of new programs and solutions
Health management
Give your employees the tools and personalized insights they need to better take care of their health
Reduced administrative burden and waste
What used to take weeks can now be done in minutes
Data enrichment
Identify patterns and get data-driven insights to make more timely, informed decisions

We increased digital touchpoints with policyholders by 10x in 2019

The latest ratings give mySofie an average NPS score of +57

Our data aggregation delivers real-time information from 70+ health insurance providers